Tiny Steps 

Tiny Steps is for the youngest children. It is a stimulating room with lots of sensory experiences whether its through touch, sound, sight or taste. We aim to encourage physical, emotional, social and language development while all the time building up a child's self confidence. You will get a dedicated staff member to build a relationship with you and your child they will spend time getting to know your routine and  will observe, asses and plan your child's next step with you and how to settle your child in to nursery.

The room is split into areas for carpet or messy activities and cots for sleeps. The meals are served in a group with children in high chairs or round the table to make sure everyone is included. There is  space for larger equipment, freedom to move around, whether it be crawling or walking! There is access to secure outdoor spaces daily basis and frequent 'pram walks' into the Myrtle Park. 


Walkers and Talkers 

This room caters for your child the age of 20-24 months We continue to take account of your child's interests and use this to help in their development. The child's key person still continues as we want that relationship and knowledge of your child to carry on. We want the children to be safe and to be able to have as many varied opportunities as possible, also building up the social interaction. They are learning through play. The room provides continuous provision for some activities/experiences and children are also free to choose and access resources. If you want your child to rest they will have their own bed. It also has its own bathroom where children can progress  in their toilet training. There are accessible outdoor play areas and playing outside is an integral part of their own routine, so suitable clothing for all weathers is required as we want the children to experience the great outdoors and be able to go out every day.


 Three Plus - pre school
This is the oldest group in nursery but they are still only young.We want them to continue to learn and get ready for life let alone school. We cover all the areas of learning: personal and social, communication , literacy, maths,understanding of the world and physical development .We  use I Pads for children to use educational games on as well as cameras, tape recorders and printers for children to use for ICT skills. We also take children to places of interest and into the local community. The pre-school rooms is  split up into areas so that children can play independently or as part of a small or large group. The room uses continuous provisions so enabling children to access a variety of resources and equipment to incorporate into their play. There continues to be emphasis on accessing outdoor play with routines providing  opportunity for plenty of outdoor experiences. When time comes for school we work with schools and parents to so your child has an easy transition and is ready for the next stage in their journey.