Support with childcare Fees

Childcare vouchers through your employer

As a registered provider with Ofsted and Bradford Early years we can offer the following schemes from the government. Parents are required to fill out a parental agreement and provide proof of child's age and eligibility for funding. Once you have the funding in place you will not be invoiced for the funded hours only for any additional private hours if used and for the consumable and additional services. We do offer  places that are funded only. We are more than happy to offer a personalised quotation on show round of the nursery.

Funding for 3 and 4 years olds

 This entitles parents of three and four year olds from the term after they are 3 up to 570 hours universal per year. We also offer the extended hours which is 1140 hours per year. The extended hours has a criteria to match.


The 2 year old offer

We also offer the 2 year old offer from the government and Bradford Early years. This has a finical criteria to match but offers parents of 2 year olds up to 570 hours per year.


Tax free childcare

This is a government scheme where you set up an childcare account for an individual child and for every £8 you put in the government will put in £2 extra. Parents can get up to £2000 government support per child per year towards childcare costs- that is up to £500 every 3 months. 


  Further information on all funding schemes available is on the government website


 Want to know how much the sessions you want will cost?

Give us a ring and we can provide individual quotes for your requirements.