The Crownest Club 

Out of school club that includes pick-up service and Holiday Care for reception class to year 7

 Our Vision

For the older ages we intend to provide a positive, impactful environment. One where children can relax after a day at school or in the school holidays have fun with friends and do exciting activities.To provide a service for parents so if they require childcare as their childcare get older  where they can access it when they need too.  


The Crownest Club is held at the Myrtle Place Nursery. The club has its own entrance, there is a plan of activities  for each night after school and activities and  outings arranged for each holiday so we can cater for the variety of Interests that this age group has. We have access to Myrtle Park everyday and public transport is on our doorstep. You can book as many or as few days  as you require, your child can attend as many or as few holidays as needed!

On school pick up staff will pick your child up and walk back to nursery, staff and children wear high vis vests. Staff take a first aid kit and and have a risked assessed route back to nursery. 

The  classroom has lots of space for  activities  such as  board games, drawing, baking, arts and crafts, construction, role play, table tennis table, football table and children are able to listen to music. 

There is `TV' area, this has a television with games systems - the games your child can access are sports, dance, singing, art, musical instruments and  action - (no violent games allowed.)


In the holiday club we proved breakfast, morning snack, afternoon snack, and  warm  tea, we just require you to provide a packed lunch.The children can help themselves to the snacks and fresh fruit always available.  All cooked on site in the 5 star rated kitchen. For the after school club there is a tea served at 4 p.m. along with fruit if wanted.

Outings / Activities

Whilst we will access the park on a regular basis, there will be planned outings,  which will not incur additional costs to parents. We want the children to have fun outdoors and have varied activities to suit their  interests from den building to orienteering. We have groups come in and do sessions with us on face paints, circus games and other exciting interests. 

Please do get in touch for more information tel: 01274 550962 or email