At Wishing Well outdoor play is very important to us. It gives our children the freedom to explore the outdoors in a safe environment, promoting their physical skills and their understanding of the world around them. We have three individual play areas that are surrounded by nature with the woods encompassing our play areas providing natural shade and wildlife which are shared by all rooms and we are currently constructing a forth wooded area! Our location is wonderful as we can also, with parents’ permission, go on trips into Myrtle Park without going on near any main roads.

Garden Area 1

This area is mainly used by our Tiny Steps room. A large area which gives our babies ample room to explore, and experience new senses through activities that expand their learning and understanding. It is a perfect opportunity for children to improve on their crawling and walking in outdoor circumstances.

(pictures 1-7)

Garden Area 2

The Walkers and Talkers children mainly use this area as a way to explore the world around them. With plenty of equipment for them to use, it is a perfect outdoors area for them to develop essential motor skills through play.

(pictures 8-15)

Garden Area 3

The largest area is used by our oldest groups of children. Covered in wet pour it is a safe, fun area where children play sports, group games, climb on our apparatus and interact with their friends and the garden allotment boxes and fruit garden.

(pictures 16-19)