Room Overview

Our nursery provides spacious and exciting rooms for children aged 3months – 4years. Split across 4 different rooms, each one offering a distinctive experience creating a long lasting impression with you and your child which will be carried on throughout their time with us. With 3 large outdoor areas and endless possibilities your child will be looked after by a wide range of professionals with childcare as their passion. With local amenities we offer activities outside of the setting for all ages, such as nature walks, going to the local library and using the parks as an additional resource to provide a stimulating environment for your child to learn.

As your child progresses through each room they will be given ample time to settle into the room and given a key worker dedicated to making sure your child’s learning and needs are well met, your child’s key worker will cover their development books, monitoring tools and overall progress and well-being with us whilst building a rapport with you and other parents making sure key information is passed back and forth to create a comfortable trusting environment for everyone.